The Blk Art Group Research Project was set up by former ‘Blk Art Group’ members Claudette Johnson, Marlene Smith and Keith Piper in 2011. Taking a renewed examination of the archives and historical legacies of ‘The Blk Art Group’ (1979-1984) as it’s starting point, this project exists to promote debate, enquiry, scholarship and understanding of what has become known as the British 'Black Art Movement ’ of the 1980’s. The project aims to bring together a body of work contextualising, documenting and critiquing this movement and the social, cultural and political epoch which gave rise to it.

During 2012, two major projects were staged by this research group; a symposium which coincided with a retrospective exhibition entitled 'The Blk Art Group' held at the Graves Gallery Sheffield, and an international conference entitled 'Reframing the Moment' held at the University of Wolverhampton.